About Hackney Downs PCN

Primary care networks are groups of local practices working together. Hackney Downs PCN is one of 8 PCNs in City and Hackney.

Hackney Downs PCN encompasses 5 practices over 4 sites:

  1. Fountayne Road Medical Practice
  2. Healy Medical Centre
  3. Nightingale Practice
  4. Clapton Surgery and The Riverside Practice (at Theydon Road Health Centre).

These practices were chosen to work together as they were located in pre-existing 'Neighbourhood' areas.

These 5 practices meet regularly and work together; they share some staff and collaborate to deliver some services, such as Enhanced Access (early morning, evening and Saturday appointments).

hackney downs pcn logoFive local GP surgeries cooperating for the benefit of the community

 PCNs also deliver additional patient-facing roles (ARRS) in primary care across a network, for example physiotherapists, pharmacists and social prescribers.

About the Neighbourhood

PCNs in City and Hackney were established in 2019 around pre-existing 'Neighbourhoods'. Community services such as district nursing, mental health and social care have been re-organised geographically into 8 Neighbourhoods, to enable a more coordinated approach between different teams in community and primary care. It creates opportunities for more direct engagement with local communities and allows local services to be delivered more flexibly according to the specific needs of our area.

Visit City and Hackney Neighbourhoods

Enhanced Access Hub Appointments (EA)

The PCN now provides early morning, evening and weekend appointments across 3 sites available for all patients registered with a Hackney Downs PCN practice, these are called Enhanced Access, and we call the practice sites ‘EA hubs’ when they run these sessions for all PCN patients.

There is a mix of GP, nurse, health care assistant and pharmacy appointments, which are either face to face or telephone. If you are registered at any Hackney Downs practice you can access these appointments at any of the PCN 'EA hub' sites. The health care professional will be able to access your notes and your usual GP will be able to see the consultation in your records. These appointments are best used for one-off appointments that do not require follow-up, as you will be asked to follow up with your own GP surgery if required. You can book these appointments through your own practice, the receptionist will need to ask a few questions to make sure your issue is appropriate for the EA hub service.

The following table shows the EA Hub sites, clinician type and appointment times each day.

Contact your own practice reception in the usual way you do to make an appointment, if you wish for an extended access appointment mention this and they can let you know what is available to book.

Day Morning: 
7am to 8am
6:30pm to 8pm
Monday Nightingale Practice
Fountayne Road Medical Centre
Tuesday Nightingale Practice
Fountayne Road Medical Centre
Wednesday Nightingale Practice
Healy Medical Centre
Thursday Nightingale Practice
Healy Medical Centre
Friday Nightingale Practice
Fountayne Road Medical Centre
9am to 5pm
Nightingale Practice (GP/Nurse/Phlebotomist/Pharmacist)
Sunday Closed Closed

Additional Roles

Who works for Hackney Downs PCN?

The PCN is a collaboration of all these practices. A nominated GP and the practice manager from each practice meet monthly to plan and deliver services together. The PCN also have part time staff working specifically for the PCN. This includes an appointed clinical director who takes responsibility for delivering the contract, a development manager and admin support. The PCN also has clinical leads who support different projects within the PCN.

Clinical Director

Development Manager

PCN Coordinator

Care Home Lead

Inequalities Lead

PCN Administrator

Additional Roles Staff

Hackney Downs PCN supports a number of ARRS roles who provide services across the 5 practices. Some of these staff are based in one of the network practices, directly supporting the practice and some staff provide support across the whole network.

Patients can book appointments with these practitioners directly through their own practice, practices share clinical space, so patients may be offered an appointment at their own practice or at one of the other practice sites.

First Contact Physiotherapists

Social Prescriber

Well-Being Practitioner

Mental Health Occupational Therapist

Health and Wellbeing Coach


Advanced Practitioner Pharmacists

Pharmacy Technicians

Voluntary Sector Care Coordinator (Better Together)

Care Coordinators


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