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How is the practice able to offer timely GP appointments when this can be difficult elsewhere?

We have spent many years on developing a system where we are able to predict the number of patients needing an appointment on any given day. This means proactive planning to ensure we are providing the right access for our patients. If we are short on a particular day due to sickness / unplanned leave, we have contingencies in place to ensure we are able to offer you care within 24 hours.

What does it mean by "book online"?

We use a system called "Accurx" which is our electronic form that you can fill via a link or through the NHS App. It is an easy way to communicate your administrative or appointment requests to the practice electronically, offers NHS self help information, informs you of services that you can self refer to, and a symptom checker.

We still have the more traditional means of contacting us for those who are not able to use online services.

Why is the practice trying to encourage requesting appointments online?

Over the years, we  became increasingly concerned by the waiting times on the phones to book an appointment and therefore we made this move to free up the phone lines. This means that those who don’t have digital access, are able to contact us more easily.

When will someone get back to me?

GP / clinical pharmacist appointments: If you submit your request before 3:30pm, you will be contacted and consulted with on that day. If you need help with an urgent clinical problem after that time, you will be contacted that day if appropriate.

On the occasion that are lists are filled before that time, we will contact you the following day, but you will be informed of that by text if this is the case.

How do I book a face to face appointment with the GP?

The process is the same - submit your request and we will contact you and bring you in on the day for your face to face appointment. If you feel you will need / would like a face to face appointment, the earlier you contact us the better, so we can make sure we get you in at a time that is suitable.

Why am I sometimes asked to resubmit my request / contact again on the day that is appropriate for a particular GP?

Seeing the same clinician is really important to us here. It helps us build up relationships with our patients and it also helps ensure that when results are back, and need to be discussed, issues raised in the first consultation are addressed. If you know a clinician, or if you have tests arranged by a particular clinician, please do follow up with that particular person – see our GP timetable for their working week and submit your form on a day that they are in.

I work and it's difficult to request an appointment on the day. Is there any way I can pre-book an appointment?

We have an "Enhanced Access" service for pharmacist and GP phone or face to face appointments. If you have a straight forward issue that doesn’t require continuity of care by a particular clinician, you can ask for one of these appointments up to a week in advance.  Please state this on the form, or speak to our receptionist when you are asking for your appointment, and we can offer you a selection if appropriate.